11 Free & Paid Courses on Blogging You Need to Take

It is a common misconception that blogging is easy if you have a passion for a certain topic. Although being passionate is necessary but it is not enough. There is so much more that goes into making your blog a success. That is why courses on blogging are important. They can teach you practical tips to grow your blog and to make it profitable.

Here are the blogging courses that can help you start a blog and turn it into a profitable venture.

Blogging for Business by Ahrefs

Blogging for Business by Ahrefs

“Blogging for Business is arguably one of the most comprehensive blogging courses available on the internet”, says Madeleine Seah from M&P International Freights.

“It is aimed at teaching bloggers how to build their online presence and drive traffic to their sites. Additionally, it is great for new bloggers because of how informative and easy to follow it is.

The course covers a broad range of topics that include

  • strategies for growing a blog,
  • how to analyze a keyword,
  • how to generate great content ideas,
  • techniques to promote your article and more.

Apart from that, it also features interviews with experts like Noah Kagan – owner or Appsumo and Bryan Harris of List Building Expert.”

Meg Marrs from K9 of Mine agrees: “There are tons of great courses on blogging out there, but one I’d definitely recommend jumping into ASAP is Ahrefs’ “Blogging for Business” course. 

This course will actually become paid in the future, but right now it’s free to give folks something to do with the COVID19 keeping so many people stuck inside.

I’ve started the course myself and it’s packed with really great info. The Ahrefs team is very knowledgeable and has tons of data on the power of blogging since they produce one of the best keyword tools on the market. They also have an impressive blog full of in-depth articles related to SEO. Basically, they know their stuff!”

Carlo Borja from Time Doctor also thinks that Blogging for Business course by Ahrefs is totally worth to take. 

“This course walks you through content marketing that works for businesses. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced content marketer, there is so much to learn from all the actionable items that Ahrefs shares. They are all in the video too so they are easy to consume.”

“It’s an incredibly detailed course which starts with the theory behind content marketing before progressing all the way through to acquiring traffic, getting links from other sites, continually optimizing, and more. There are ten tutorials for the entire course, with the overall duration clocking in at just under five hours. This means it’s perfect for those who are currently spending more time indoors, and Ahrefs are currently offering it for free due to the ongoing situation.” – Adam Lumb, Cashcow.media

Price: $700 (currently kindly offered for free)

Introducing Freedom Machine: The Complete, A-Z System for Earning $1,000/Month from Blogging by SmartBlogger

Introducing Freedom Machine: The Complete, A-Z System for Earning $1,000/Month from Blogging by SmartBlogger

“Hands down, my favorite blogging course is SmartBlogger’s ‘Introducing Freedom Machine: The Complete, A-Z System for Earning $1,000/Month from Blogging’,” says Miranda Paquet from TheClose.com

“It has incredibly actionable templates, videos, case studies, and guides to help you learn the basics of online writing. 

Beyond writing tips, you learn the strategy the course author, Jon Morrow, used to generate over $100k a month in passive income from his websites. The course also gives you access to a private Facebook Group and coaching calls so you can get personalized feedback. If you want to get serious about blogging and turn it into your main source of income, Morrow’s course is worth it.”

Price: $1,999

Built to Blog by Ryan Robinson

Built to Blog by Ryan Robinson

Brandon Foster from Myschoolsupplylists recommends the ‘Built to Blog’ course by Ryan Robinson. 

“It contains eight video lectures with the written content of 15,000 words. It also has interviews from the top six bloggers. The fee for the course is 297 dollars. The instructor is Ryan Robinson.

It’s one of the best blogging courses. If you are really interested in; learning about earning money from your blog, then this course is for you. This course is designed in a way that you learn most of the techniques to get profit from your blog and help you in building a community for your blog.

This course gives guidelines from the start to the end, for example naming your blog, choosing a niche for the blog, purchasing a domain. It also talks about the optimization of WordPress and relevant plugins installation. This course also contains strategies and blog post ideas for your blog.

Then it teaches you the ways to attract traffic with the help of SEO strategy. The author did significant research on these strategies, so the implementation of these strategies will be helpful in the growth of the blog. All in all, this course is a step by step game to understand, plan, and implement to achieve your goal. It is an excellent escape from the pitfall for most beginners.

The author published his work on popular websites, including Forbes; this blogging course is the production of his efforts after years of trial and error.”

Price: $297

Blogging for Authors and Newbies on WordPress or Blogger by Jason Matthews

Blogging for Authors and Newbies on WordPress or Blogger by Jason Matthews

Erico Franco from Agencia de Marketing Digital says that this is a great training for bloggers.

“It’s a very well explained course, where Mr. Matthews details all subjects with direct and captivating presentation, the course is useful both for those with extensive experience and for beginners who do not know much. It learns things like: personalization, themes, Google AdSense, etc. You engage with each class and feel like going deeper and deeper into the course.”

Price: $144.99

The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

Clive Harris from Solopreneur recommends ‘The Authority Site System’ blogging course by Authority Hacker


Starting a blog isn’t easy; especially one that makes money. The Authority Site System (otherwise known as TASS) showed me the exact process of how to create a blog / authority website that not only is a credible source of information, but enables me to make between £20k-£30k profit per month in passive income. 

The course covers everything; niche selection, keyword research, content production, and online marketing. However it’s delivered in a way that’s totally digestible for beginners, yet somehow speaks to more experienced folk too. It’s really quite a revelation. 

Ultimately, it’s given me the freedom to write about a topic I’m passionate about, whilst making an income I could only have dreamed of just a few short years ago.”

11 Free & Paid Courses on Blogging You Need to Take

Melissa Teng from witandfolly.co says: “If I were to recommend any courses on blogging I would highly recommend the Authority Hacker Pro membership.

The Authority Hacker Pro membership is only open to sign-up at various times and I was lucky enough to have the budget to sign up during their last sign-up period. Included in the membership is access to all 15 of their Blueprints which walk you through step by step on how to pick a blog niche and build it out.

Before starting this course, I had no idea how to do anything related to blogging and do not have a technical background.

After going through the course, I knew how to pick the right niche, set-it up in WordPress, create content, and even link building. Now I have a pretty successful blog that generates over 10k visitors per month and is growing steadily.”

“A lot of people are skeptical of courses – and rightfully so – but I gained immense value from The Authority Site System course,” says Mason Roberts from Ringagement.com

“Mark and Gael provide an easy-to-follow course that contains everything you need to know about scaling a blog to ~250,000 visitors a month. 

I also enrolled in their Authority Hacker Pro course, which is a bit more advanced than their into system. Having access to dozens of SEO professionals through their group is priceless.”

Price: $997

Blogging for a Living: Perfect Small Budget Project by Theo McArthur

Blogging for a Living: Perfect Small Budget Project by Theo McArthur

“If you are looking for a detailed course that covers all aspects of blogging, this course is ideal for you. The Strategies given in this course are good for both newbies and advanced bloggers. You would learn tactics to create the best posts, build a list of quality email subscribers, and monetize your blog” – says Hamna Amjad, Indoor Champ.

Price: $174.99

Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson

Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson

“This course is perfect for all the bloggers looking for ways to attract masses of traffic using SEO,’ says Hamna Amjad from Indoor Champ.

“It would teach you all the secrets of the SEO that you need to rank on the search engines. Mike has covered all the SEO basics as well as advanced SEO strategies

You will learn about keyword research, optimum site structure, optimizing blog posts, guest post pitching, affiliate marketing, and much more.”

Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup 

Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup

Cynthia Meyer from REALLIFEPLANNING.COM is currently enrolled in Elite Blog Academy, taught by Ruth Soukup and team say: “The course is a systematic and clear framework for building out an online business. The secret sauce, which I love, is the peer-to-peer learning and feedback that happens in the EBA private Facebook community.

I’ve been blogging for a long time – for my former employer for many years and for Forbes. When I launched my new business in late 2019, I really wanted to improve my blog voice as I began to build out content. I wrote more like a journalist, and I wanted to develop a more personal writing voice.”

Project 24 by Income School 

Project 24 by Income School

“Hands down, I recommend Income School,” say Travis Price from TravisPrice.com.

“I purchased Income School in March of 2019 because I was new to blogging and unlike most “marketing guru’s”, Jim and Ricky really seemed straight up in their approach. Furthermore, unlike most blogging course teasers, they gave a tremendous amount of value upfront. 

So, the first thing about P24 that I think really stands out is their community. Jim, Ricky and now Freddie, are super responsive in giving honest, practical advice to people within their private forum. They’re on the site at least 2-3 times a day.

Secondly, they don’t just rely on the core P24 course. Members get consistently updated content, such as growing a YouTube Channel, and understanding Google’s E-A-T algorithm.  Furthermore, they also developed a lightning-fast theme, Acabado, for people that have a basic website/blog need with a lot of powerful tools already built-in.

I have a highly competitive market, and I learned about drilling down on topics and how they find keyword phrases that help you understand searcher intent and how to compete to get traffic. 

I think if you’re really wanting to learn how to blog, Income School gives you a literal roadmap to be successful. However, it’s up to you to do the work.”

Price: $449 (currently $399)

Content Marketing by Hubspot

Content Marketing by Hubspot

“I love Hubspot’s Content Marketing course because it provides both breadth and depth in regards to blogging best practices. The course combines video instruction, textual study guides, and exam questions to provide great coverage about content creation that delivers. I appreciate that this course is a fantastic asset to brand-new bloggers as well as bloggers with some experience. The course covers specific techniques and practices for content promotion, blog repurposing, keyword research, and storytelling.” – Rebecca Graham from Best Company 

Price: Free

Pinning Perfect from Blog Clarity by The Koala Mom

Pinning Perfect from Blog Clarity by The Koala Mom

“Pinterest can be a HUGE source of traffic for bloggers of any niche (not just food and DIY bloggers), and Pinning Perfect shows bloggers how to leverage Pinterest. This course is updated regularly and the instructors get their information directly from Pinterest, so it’s not just “what worked from me” but what Pinterest says they want to see on the platform. This course is self-directed and easy to follow.” – Bonnie Way, The Koala Mom 

Price: $349

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