How To Find People And Shops On Etsy

How To Find People And Shops On Etsy

Whether you’re an enthusiastic shopper or a shop owner on Etsy, there might come a time when you want to connect with others on the platform. However, Etsy’s navigation isn’t as straightforward as it could be. While locating shop owners is relatively easy, finding individual users can be a bit of a challenge. In this guide, we’ll explore the methods to find people and shops on Etsy in a simplified and efficient manner.

How to find a shop on Etsy

Using Shop Name Search: To find a shop, you can use the search bar on Etsy. Type the shop name without any spaces and hit enter. Etsy doesn’t use spaces in shop names, so make sure you avoid them in your search as well. If the shop’s name is unique, you might be directed straight to it. If not, the search results might include similar shop names, giving you the option to click on the desired shop.

Direct Link Method: If you know the exact name of the shop, you can ask the shop owner for the direct link to their shop’s homepage. This ensures you’re taken straight to their profile. To follow a shop, simply click the heart icon next to the shop’s name on their homepage.

Etsy Shop Search Page: Alternatively, you can utilize Etsy’s dedicated shop search page to find specific shops. This method is particularly useful when shop names are common. Just type the shop name into the search bar on the shop search page, and you’re likely to find the shop you’re looking for.

How to find people on Etsy

Etsy doesn’t offer a direct and reliable way to search for individuals on the platform. However, here are some strategies you can use:

People Finder Page (Limited Reliability): Etsy has a “People Finder” page, but it might not always provide accurate results. The page might display blank profiles or incorrect information. You can access the People Finder page using the link: Etsy People Search. Keep in mind that this method may or may not yield accurate results.

Direct Links from Individuals: The easiest way to connect with people on Etsy is by obtaining their direct profile link. If you know someone’s username, they can share the link to their profile, allowing you to follow them directly.

Following Individuals: Following people on Etsy involves clicking the “+follow” button on their personal profile. This enables you to see their favorites and collections. Unlike traditional social media, Etsy’s following feature doesn’t facilitate conversations, but it’s useful for staying updated on each other’s preferences.

How to find someone’s wishlist on Etsy

While Etsy doesn’t have a traditional wishlist feature, users can save items to their favorites. Be cautious when assuming these items are on a wishlist, as they might have various purposes. To find someone’s favorites:

Visit Their Profile: Click on the person’s name to visit their personal profile page. If they haven’t set their favorites to private, you’ll see the items they’ve favorited.

Understanding Favorites: Remember, favorites might not necessarily indicate items someone wants to purchase. People use this feature for organizing, shopping for others, or even saving unique items they want to share.

Engage Smartly: If you’re collaborating with someone on Etsy purchases, their favorites can provide insights into their preferences. However, always double-check before assuming an item is on their wishlist.

Etsy’s Changing Terminology

Etsy has undergone some terminology changes over time:

Shop Following: Etsy previously referred to following a shop as “favoriting” the shop. This was changed to “following” to align with social media language. Following a shop allows you to receive notifications about new items and sales.

Notifications: When you follow a shop, you’ll receive notifications about their activities. This helps you stay updated on their offerings, especially when they have sales or introduce new products.


While Etsy’s platform might not offer the most intuitive methods for finding people, these strategies can help you connect with individuals and shops efficiently. By obtaining direct links, following profiles, and utilizing the shop search page, you can navigate Etsy’s community with ease. Remember that Etsy’s system might change over time, so always keep an eye out for updates in their features and functionalities.

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